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Just when I had culled many of my subscriptions, I discovered your wonderful videos and essays. Well done.

It was interesting in the discussion of beautiful buildings how the guest gave utilitarian rationalizations for creating beauty. We Americans have much to do to shake off our merchant order proclivities. We will, and our brothers in Europe will help us and guide us. That is the silver lining in this, as Camus says, Great Disaster. Given the deep existential crisis, not just of our institutions but our people themselves, we are discovering who we are in a way that even our ancestors never did. We must become a pan-European folk while retaining our local particularities or we will not survive.

I thought the grace with which you guided your guest into considering non-utilitarian modes for pursuing beauty was graceful and masterful. Very well done. I would say, as he is a Christian, that the reason we elevate beauty over efficiency is that it feeds the soul. European architecture, motifs, designs etc. came from our soul and our primordial experience as a distinct people, just as Chinese architecture is the fountainhead of their soul. The world around us is a measure of our spiritual sickness. We must surround ourselves with the beauty that springs from our European bio-spirit. We must not fear demanding that. Nay, if we don't demand it we will live in ruins and we as a distinct people will not survive.

I was at Durham Cathedral last year. The Norman chapel was quite instructive in how they, though Christian, still kept their mermaid at the head of a column. There is a lesson in that for us. We must go deep into our past and link to it completely as we undertake our Christian renewal. I think another beautiful thing was how all around the Cathedral, local and national heroes are honored by works of art. I think we must revive this tradition. Not only will we build grand buildings that our souls can feast upon, we will inspire our folk to aspire to greatness by honoring it in our buildings and public spaces. Just the number of honorariums in that one Cathedral alone was magnificent.

Recalling my time at the York Cathedral I see nothing but validation for our thesis that this transcendent aesthetic will draw the people to us as The Regime fails. The Cathedral was filled with people. Many were East Asian, taking notes and drawing portions of the chapel and fixed in awe. For now, we have turned our museums and chapels into a Disneyfied turnstile driving drek. When our Pan-European Aristocratic Order ascends and takes its rightful place again, we will never sink to this. We will fill our houses of worship by feeding our souls within and through them. We will choose the best of the masses who are clamoring to join our thriving and beautiful redoubts because we will have done the cultivating required to demand they do the same in order to feed our souls. Only the select will pass through our gates.

Well, it is great to see that the OverKing is alive in the soul of Englishmen. This American is very concerned but I find your fire encouraging and cause for optimism. Thank you for this wonderful journal.

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Well said, brother

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