Mar 7 • 1HR 42M

Trad Ortho Nationalism VS the Bugmen | Jay Dyer

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Scott Mannion
Scott ignites a raging hearth-fire in Anglo-Saxon and Historical-American man by exhuming and defining our hidden metaphysical incendiary essence from out the heroic sagas, symbols, mythos & folklore—the hidden wellspring—of our civilisation & dasein. Vitalizing exhortations, dissident dialogues, research. Discover lost psychotechnologies that decipher your destiny and place in our story through Scott's phenomological analysis' of great—and esoteric—verse, literature, prose, narrative, and ritual. Subscribe at Join the Greenwood project and participate at
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Insightful talk with the mighty Jay Dyer, philosopher & comic. We cover

—Othodoxy's strenght in nationalism & folk

—How to detect & deflect psyops &

protect new Rwing institutions

—Ortho superior ontological access to transendent,

kingship as proper rule

—Jays process & practices