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MALICE of Westminster & Secret Spirit of Anglosaxons | Richard Vobes

MALICE of Westminster & Secret Spirit of Anglosaxons | Richard Vobes


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Entertainer & broadcaster Richard Vobes, we cover

—RL community VS fake online connectivity

—Proof Westminster HATES the native population: Malice, not incompetence

—His exploding audience & public duty

—Technological ease's cost is slavery: collapsed decision space


00:00:00 - Englishness mission: vision compared to reality    

00:02:57 - English Spirit and Being    

00:08:55 - England has survived    

00:12:55 - Cosmopolitans corrupting the countryside    

00:17:08 - Malice and IDW Managed Opposition    

00:21:31 - Risk and public duty    

00:28:32 - Richard's routines and practices    

00:35:26 - RL connection VS Fake online connectivity    

00:37:41 - Camping as Practice    

00:40:40 - English Hobbies anti-utilitarian Amateurishness    

00:43:17 - English Being as Scheler's Ordo Amoris    

00:47:18 - English Eccentric Paraphernalia ruined by commercialism    

00:51:37 - Making money to WASTE time watching someone else's life on tv    

00:56:16 - Technological ease is slavery. Decision space and tasks mean freedom    

01:03:24 - Progress is a lie and false history some things are eternal    

01:09:41 - How do we reclaim England, identity & the unutilitarian    

01:14:28 - Vobes banning    

01:19:44 - Fake parliament fake free-speech    

01:22:06 - It's Malice not incompetence    

01:24:10 - Entertainer to Public Figure    

01:31:38 - Imposter syndrome & connecting with public figures    

01:39:46 - Entertainer and his audience    

01:42:32 - You never know who is watching

Scott Mannion's Metalore
Scott Mannion's Metalore
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