Feb 2 • 1HR 37M

Mr Reagan | How Anglo Kings Are Made

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Scott Mannion
Scott ignites a raging hearth-fire in Anglo-Saxon and Historical-American man by exhuming and defining our hidden metaphysical incendiary essence from out the heroic sagas, symbols, mythos & folklore—the hidden wellspring—of our civilisation & dasein. Vitalizing exhortations, dissident dialogues, research. Discover lost psychotechnologies that decipher your destiny and place in our story through Scott's phenomological analysis' of great—and esoteric—verse, literature, prose, narrative, and ritual. Subscribe at https://youtube.com/scottmannion Join the Greenwood project and participate at https://greenwood.media
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Today we're speaking with Chris Khols, Mr. Reagan, he's a political and cultural commentator, and very successful conservative YouTube. 

We talk:

- Power of male fraternity through the lens of the great movie Man Who Would be King. 

- Why Kanye should not have been banned

- Anglosaxons owed reparations?

- disaster of female voting

- Death of cultural homogeny

00:00:00 - Coming up

00:04:11 - GIGA CHAD REDCOATS of Man Who Would Be King

00:10:29 - Sexual selection ruining fraternity

00:17:10 - Need for mens clubs

00:18:43 - Gynocentrism Vs masculine power

00:22:39 - Female voting: disaster?

00:26:48 - Opportunity in woke propaganda

00:33:56 - Ceos can't save woke companies

00:39:14 - Kanye shouldn't have been banned, allowed to not be philosemetic

00:44:19 - Dissident soldiers traditional euro values

00:52:19 - Traditional masculinity, modern world

00:57:15 - common Being community

01:01:12 - Death of cultural homogeny

01:02:45 - Depression from empire loss,

01:05:10 - Anglo colonisation best thing to happen to world

01:10:38 - Anglosaxons owed reparations

01:14:54 - European self subversion

01:21:46 - Chris' mission, what motivates him & background