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Scott Mannion's Metalore
EXODUS: The Rise of Dissident Capital | Nate Fischer

EXODUS: The Rise of Dissident Capital | Nate Fischer


New Founding CEO, Real estate Investor, Investment Banker, and Entrepreneur Nate Fischer joins us to talk the rising exodus of Capitol looking to exit woke tyranny, and the rising dissident venture capital and commercial networks emerging to fill the demand.


00:00:00 - Nate's Mission & Vocation & Background

00:08:18 - DUTY over PROFIT

00:11:25 - RULE of the Disagreeables

00:12:22 - Screening out Bad Actors in Right Wing Business

00:19:32 - The New Signals of Value

00:28:26 - Authentic religion as TRUST signal

00:36:17 - RETVRN of Hierarchical Protestant

00:40:40 - What formed Nate's Worldview

00:48:39 - Doing Business For Higher Values

00:59:15 - Getting Conservative Capital Comfortable with Risk

01:06:06 - Overcoming Conquests Law to protect institutions

01:15:21 - Nate's Advice to young RW men

01:23:40 - Nate's Fraternal practices

01:30:30 - Transnational Dissident collaboration

Scott Mannion's Metalore
Scott Mannion's Metalore
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